Sunday, March 22, 2009

21Apr1865, I am Still Happier Now

LISMORE, April 21st, 1865.
—The anniversary of our engagement. My Fred gave me a darling little signet ring to mark it with. I spent a good deal of time thinking over my last 21st of April : F. coming to the clever breakfast, but not sitting by me, and looking a little white and odd : a certain old Dean who was a long while before he would make himself scarce : our finding ourselves alone in the bare little conservatory —then everything happy and wonderful ! Papa coming in with his dear bright smile, and Auntie P and Uncle William ; Lou coming to see me with Fred ; luncheon in St. St. and all the excitement and crying there ; happy, happy bits with Fred afterwards and his giving me my precious locket ; his dining with us, and the day ending as if with sunrise instead of sunset. But I am still happier now, in my settled sunshine !

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