Monday, March 23, 2009

20May1865, Dined at Lord Wharncliffe's

LONDON, May 20th, 1865.
—Very warm and lovely. I made a rout-out of groutle and hydra. We walked to Fisher's in the Strand to get a writing-paper box for Fred. Had a flying visit from Aunt Coquitty. [FN: I.e. her aunt, Miss Lyttelton ("Aunt Coque"), and her cousin, Miss Kitty Pole Carew, who were much together.] Papa and F. went in red and gold to the Levée. Afterwards I drove to Mrs. Milbank's and some card deeds : tried to go to All Saints', but was too late ; saw Meriel who was dressed and downstairs, and looking very nice and well ; had tea and bonbons at Adéle's. We dined at Lord Wharncliffe's, meeting the Wenlocks and Carry, Colonel and Lady Louisa Feilding, Captain Egerton, Lord Claud Hamilton (a pleasant, simple-mannered, good-looking little youth), the Burys, Cissy Wortley, etc. Afterwards to Apsley House, which I never was in before, and which struck me very much.

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