Saturday, March 28, 2009

30May1865, Eddy and Emma Engaged

LONDON, May 30th, 1865.
—A great day ! Dear, dear Eddy, after long having it in his heart, proposed to Emma Lascelles, and they are engaged and as happy, I do believe, as we were. It has been sad to see her, poor dear, for a long time past, looking thoroughly out of spirits, but behaving quite beautifully, under the doubt whether it was going to be ; and now ! Oh dear, I have an odd feeling like an echo of my golden spring ! She looked so bright ; and talked incoherently of being in a dream, etc., etc. As for dear Eddy, I kissed and hugged him with my whole heart. He would win anyone with his simple, truthful, humble goodness ; and his nature which is as pure and sunny as Albert's. He squeezed my hands, and said, "Do you think (fink) I shall make a good husband ? and that we shall be as happy as you are ?" Lady Caroline's face did look good to see ! I paid happy May a long visit : Di and Lucy came in, and we all jabbered in a mad way. Of course one is sorry for the 1st cousinship [FN: Lady Caroline Lascelles was a sister of Lady Burlington, Lord Edward's mother.] but nothing has been done to lead up to it ; and what can one say in such a case of real, tried, and genuine affection, and when everyone has behaved rightly ? Truly one may feel God's Providence over them. Meanwhile, what a moment he has chosen ! His leave is up, his election coming on (the whole country is agog over the coming dissolution), Emma's waiting just over and she must have another ! The poor Queen may have reason to complain and to wish the Lords Cavendish would not make a point of marrying her Maids ! I suppose Cavendish will make choice of E.'s successor.

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