Sunday, March 22, 2009

25Apr1865, Making Talk and Receiving Butter

LISMORE, April 25th, 1865.
Lou, Eddy, Hal, and Claude tried to fish soon after breakfast ; about 12 I went to join her, and falling in with the Duke, walked tête-à-tête with him down the river-side ; whereat I found my shyness at him rather revive ! We then went all three to the Convent, being joined on the road, to our despair ! by Father Fogarty, who would come in with us. It was wonderfully good of the Duke to undergo what of all things he hates most : a long series of making talk, and receiving butter of the most fulsome description ; in which the old priest certainly excels. The poor nuns were rather bores too, but enchanted at our visit. We saw their school. They were urgent for F. and me "to reshide at Lismore" —sanguine ! After luncheon Lou and I bumped in the car to call at Glenatorr. Oh the loveliness of the country ! But more from its outburst of spring greenness than any special beauty of its own. I am sentimental at going. Finished "The Clever Woman" ; a sad failure of a book, and mostly very dull.

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