Saturday, March 28, 2009

24May1865, Sunday Jackets but Rather Bored

LONDON, May 24th, 1865.
—Very delightful and lovely with freshened air. Queen's birthday, kept with guns, bells, illuminations, and holyday as of old. George Street in the morning : M. was to be churched to-day. Auntie P. flew across to see us, her clothes tumbling about her ; sat down on the floor, and poured out Willy's electionums, which are exciting her as she can be excited. The girls came to luncheon with us, and with me to Waterloo House for Sunday jackets like old times ! We drove to Richmond, and dined at the Star and Garter with Mr. C. Clifford, meeting Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ellis, Mr. and Lady Augusta Bromley, Mr. and Mrs. Millais (the great pre-Raphaelite), Mr. and Lady E. St. Aubyn, and the Delameres. The evening very lovely and the view ; but I was rather bored.

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