Sunday, March 22, 2009

17Apr1865, American War to be Ended

LISMORE, April 17th, 1865.
—I ought to have mentioned some weeks ago the bad bit of news that Lady Herbert has gone over to the Church of Rome ; announcing it at last after more than a year of sham. Neville knows Lord Pembroke a little, and thinks him clever, and likely to be firm ; but he is hardly 15. Richmond has just been taken by the Federals, and the war is supposed to be ended. It will have done the great deed, and solved the mighty problem—of the abolition of slavery ; so thinks Fred ; and so an infinite good will have come out of indescribable suffering and bloodshed. Lou and I paid a long visit, immensely appreciated, to the Convent, where a band of very merry, brisk Paddy nuns received us with 3 cheers (Glynnese)*.

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