Monday, March 23, 2009

08May1865, Our Own New Home

LONDON, May 8th, 1865.
—One of the great days of our life : the day of taking possession of our own new home. We spent a good deal of the day here, unpacking and arranging ; but we only go into our rooms upstairs and the study to-day. I spent some time with M. in the afternoon ; then we dressed here, dined at Dev. House, and returned here at about half past 10. Tea came up in the lovely tea-pots and cups we chose, and was our first meal. Our rooms are too pretty. This is likely to be the last of many wonderful bewildering days that I've had since my marriage : my life has now so settled into quiet every-day brightness, that its strangeness has long worn off. But this building of our own nest is wonderful and notable !

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