Monday, January 12, 2009

25Apr1864, First Letter to Fred

OSBORNE, Monday, April 25th, 1864. S. Mark.
—He came to breakfast, and we had a nice talk before he saw me off. It was horrid going away ; but as I came into the lovely blossoming country, full of spring greenness and the singing of birds, the sunshine around seemed to answer to the sunshine in my own heart ; and I think the fortnight here will have a brightness of its own. I just saw Ly. Jocelyn and Emily Cathcart on the landing-place. Mrs. Bruce met me very kindly on arriving. I wrote my first letter to Fred : 0 how strange that looks ! He won't expect it ; for I told him he shd write first ; but I thought he wd be feeling rather grim to-morrow. Mrs. Bruce and I dined with the Queen, the Princesses, and Prince Alfred ; Prince Leopold and Prss. Beatrice appearing in honour of Prss. Alice's birthday. The Queen was as kind as possible to me : saying as she kissed me, "I must congratulate you, but I must scold you a little too !" She shot my locket ! Asked who he was like, and talked some time to me after dinner.

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