Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10May1864, Shoppums Finds Lockets for the Bridesmaids

WINDSOR, Tuesday, May 10th, 1864.
—I went off to London by the 9.10 train ; got Miss Sewell's "Preparation for the Holy Communion" for Princess Helena on my way to Carlton Terrace, and got there about 10½. Talked trousseau-ums and saw my wedding presents (wonderful sound !). I must make a list of them elsewhere, they will take up too much room in my journal. But I will mention the prettiest, completest little writing-table in the world from my old Maid, and a pretty inkstand (quite his own choice) from Nevy. These will come very near my heart. My Fred turned up before long and we had "sweet converse." Also multifarious shoppums : I chose an onyx signet-ring for him, to come on Saty ; and gave him to-day a crystal locket with a scratchy bit of my hair in it, with which he was certainly pleased. Ly. Louisa came after luncheon, and took us both in the carriage to Mimpriss's, where, after gt cogitation, we chose lockets for the bridesmaids, six with small pearl crosses, six with small turquoise ditto. I paid Granny a little visit ; then to M. (he also coming there), and came back here for dinner.

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