Thursday, January 15, 2009

16May1864, Ride to Kinver Edge

HAGLEY, Whit Monday, May 16th, 1864.
—At ¼5, F. and I went a glorious ride on to Kinver Edge (v. p. 196 (from Lady Lucy) [FN: See the entry for April 4th.] (from the editor) : I little thought then of who shd ride with me there to-day !) We came to the hurdle whereat I tumbled off, and F. wouldn't let me try again, which indeed I rather "funked." The view from the top was more lovely than I have ever seen it : we stopped a good while looking at it, F. so much pleased ! Were not home till 7½ : luckily dinner was at 8. We sat together very happily afterwards.

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