Monday, January 12, 2009

22Apr1864, Telling Mamma About It

LONDON, Friday, April 22nd, 1864.
—I had a long talk, a Sunday one, with him ; and he told me all his opinions that he thought I shd not agree with him about. I don't—but he has built his house on the Rock ; and I can't but trust him ! He dined with us, and we went to see "Henry IV" at Drury Lane, which was very delightful. The Dss. of Argyll came this morning ; and I believe now everybody knows it. Ly. Chesham sent me a beautiful ring. He brought me the locket with his hair in it, and I wore it to-night, hanging it to darling Mamma's little pearl chain. It felt to me as if I was telling her about it.

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