Thursday, January 15, 2009

20May1864, I Did District for the Last Time

HAGLEY, Friday, May 20th, 1864.
—Fine and a little cooled by the storm. I began the day before prayers with letters : went with Fred at 10 to see old Mary Page, Charlotte Rogers, and Mrs. Reid (only taking him in to see old Mary). Mrs. Reid said she "wished she cd flog the mon off !" Then church ; then we had a delightful last ride by Clent to Fairleigh Coppice and home round Clent Hill and thro' the middle of the park. Daphne gave me a riding-whip. I did district for the last time, driving there with At. E. and the little boys. Evening service, and sermon by Uncle Billy for Ember evn. 0 when shall I be in my dear, dear little church again ! Elly called me to her room afterwards to give me a Bible and Prayer Book in one from all the under servants. This quite finished me. But I can't write about this last day at home. The last time I shall sleep in this little room ! God's love and blessing rest upon all, and follow me. I thank Him for all my happy years. My heart is full.

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