Tuesday, January 13, 2009

09May1864, I Like Royal Travelling Excedingly!

WINDSOR, Monday, May 9th, 1864.
—Heavy rain in the morning : no sun all day. I left Osborne with all the "serrement de Coeur" that such a good-bye to a place full of associations can give. I daresay I shall never see it again. And I have had peaceful days here, amid the greenness and sunshine, and singing of birds : "golden hours," too, those two days that he was with me, and his dear letters to be treasured all my life. I like Royal travelling excedingly ! The crossing was pleasant though rather cold. Most of the time I spent capping verses with the Princesses and poor little Prince Leopold, who made great play with "To be or not to be." How the arrival at Windsor did bring to my mind my days of—doing what he asked me at Stafford House to do ! I was greeted by such a dear letter ; also a very charming one from old Nevy. The sight of Miss Cathcart ! who's who and what's what ! She had to rig me out for the evening, one of my boxes hanging fire. Ly. Biddulph dined, and chaffed me very unmercifully, but I didn't mind one bit. Dear Ly. Caroline congratulated me.

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