Tuesday, January 13, 2009

12May1864, My Last Regal Journey

WINDSOR, Thursday, May 12th, 1864.
—Very fine and warm. I am glad to have slept here [FN: I.e. Buckingham Palace.] once. Have managed a good deal of Court experience since my apptmt. Breakfasted with Prss. Helena and Co. and then got leave to go to Carlton Terrace. F. came as before ! A little tiresome trying on ; and Ld. Geo. Quin came his own self with a pretty little clock for me under his arm. After luncheon, F. and I went (with Atie. P.. and Ly. Louisa) to be photographed together by Mr. Window. I fear we shall look like fools. Then back to C.H.T. [FN: Carlton House Terrace, the Gladstones' house.]; then I plunged into a Royal carriage, joined Prss. and Co. at Paddington, and had my last regal journey. Am tired ! but very happy.

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