Monday, January 12, 2009

24Apr1864, Visiting the Duke

LONDON, 4th Sunday in Easter, April 24th, 1864.
—Papa and he came after breakfast, and I went with them to Tennyson's Chapel, [FN: Was this at Archbishop Tenison's School in Leicester Square ?] where we received the Holy Communion together. May God's blessing of peace then granted us abide with us evermore ! It was so wonderfully happy praying for him then, and feeling he was praying for me. If only our whole lives may be so sanctified ! After the service we went to Devonshire House, where even the being taken to the Duke's study didn't much frighten me ! He kissed me very kindly. I also saw Ly. Fanny and Margaret Howard, Ld. Hartington, Ld. Edward ; and Ly. Louisa gave me a photogr. of the Duke, and one of Lady Burlington, [FN: Mother of Lord Frederick. She died before her husband succeeded to the Dukedom.] who must have had a look of Mamma. At 4½ I went with him and Ly. Louisa to Ly. Caroline Lascelles's, where I saw her daughter May, Lord and Ly. Chesham, and Ly. George Cavendish, who were all most kind.

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