Monday, January 12, 2009

04May1864, A Golden Day

Wednesday, May 4th, 1864.
—Grey and raining out of doors ; but what a "golden day" ! The Queen being so kind as to hold a Privy Council to-day, Ld. Granville brought Fred (who is his private secretary : have I ever said so ?) with him. And we had all the afternoon to ourselves, in the ugly little ladies' room, which will never look ugly to me again.

0 precious hours ! 0 golden prime !

The Queen and Princess Helena both saw him. I was let off a Royal walk and drive. He came to the Household dinner, after which Mrs. Bruce, Ld. Granville, a German maukin, and I were marched off to the Queen's drawing-room. But we got back in time to say good-night : he sleeps at Cowes, and comes here to breakfast. He brought me loads of kind letters to Papa, from dear Hagley neighbours, etc. Likewise a diamond betrothal ring.

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