Friday, January 18, 2008

31Oct1862, Helping the Lancashire unemployed

HAWARDEN, Friday, October 31st, 1862.
—Drove with Atie. Pussy to the new walks on which they are employing 6 poor Lancashire unemployed factory men. Such an excellent plan ; the poor fellows work with a will, and get 12s. a week, and 2 are to have their wives up. The walks will be an immense improvement, there surely never was another park with only one drive through it ! I followed the marked-out track with the children. Papa rode to Chester on Uncle's beautiful horse Firefly. In the house, being trained for service are 10 factory girls ; I wrote letters home for 2 of them, nice forthcoming simple creatures. One dictated : " Please to let me know if trade is any better " —alas ! it gets steadily worse, but there will surely be an end.

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