Friday, January 18, 2008

10Feb1863, Pottering about Althorp

ALTHORP, Tuesday, February 10th, 1863.
—Delightful day, which got brighter and warmer every hour, and ended in a lovely mild starlight night. We drove with 4 in hand to Weedon, thence with 4 posters to Worm¬leighton. Pottered abt pleasantly among the cottages while Althorp and Ld. Suffield tried hunters, and had excellent luncheon at the agent's. Mem. the white-haired wizzy woman of 50, who had a fat 17th baby of 16 months old ! ! The drive home was very charming ; Miss Spalding and I capped verses most of the way. The open carriage wasn't a bit cold at ¼7. The D. of Rutland has had another tremendous fall out hunting. Papa went to London at 6½ a.m.

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