Friday, January 18, 2008

27Nov1862, A fall from a horse

HAGLEY, Thursday, November 27th, 1862.
—I rode on the hunter with Winny on the Maid, and Bobby (who is a sad coward, but doesn't sit amiss) on Charger with leading rein. The hunter was exceedingly fresh, but went pleasantly enough, with occasional capers, which I am used to and rather like, till we got to the Brake, and there cantering along the sandy bit of road beyond Widow Smith's, he gave a tremendous kick, the 1st time he has ever done so with me. To my astonishment and humiliation, off I fell, but, thank God, was only rather bruised, falling on my side and arm. We went home by Stukenbridge, but I couldn't canter without a kick, so we trotted and walked. But we set off as usual for the avenue, and accordingly the hunter gave another amazing kick, worse than the first, in spite of which I rejoice to say I kept on : and so we got home with my nerves a little shaken.

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