Friday, January 18, 2008

29Oct1862, 10 years waiting for a living

BROUGHAM, Wednesday, October 29th, 1862.
—Very lovely day, with a sharp frosty feeling in the air. Cross Fell looked beautiful all day with the purple shadows of the clouds upon it. We spent most of the day seeing the coursing, which was certainly fine on the whole, with the drawbacks of having to walk and stand about in bog, getting cold and clammy feet in consequence, and living in an atmosphere of tobacco. But such of the courses as I saw well made it worth while. The eldest Miss Brougham, poor thing, poured out to me all the griefs of her 9 years' attachment and 1 year's recognized engagement to their clergyman Mr. Edwardes, brother of Ld. Kensington : they are to wait for a better living.

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