Friday, January 18, 2008

22Nov1862, Exploring Chatsworth

CHATSWORTH, Saturday, November 22nd, 1862.
—Lovely morng, very little frost. As usual the 3rd day makes a great step in pleasantness ; but be at my ease I cannot. The poor little nervous Miss Howard (Ly. Fanny's daughter), who comes meekly up to one as if for protection, touches me. She has ill health. We saw the state rooms and the statue gallery, all full of splendour. Drove behind the p. carriage with Ly. Louisa and Ly. Constance (not behind !) to beautiful Haddon Hall : the retriever who came with us caught a rabbit on an ivy-covered buttress. Tallee drove back instead of Ly. Constance, and we three capped verses. The Argylls came, and Ld. Grosvenor is expected. Tallee read a still more beautiful sermon of Stanley's preacht before the Prince.

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