Friday, January 18, 2008

17Oct1862, First Visit to The Lakes

WINDERMERE, Friday, October 17th, 1862.
—Papa and I left Hagley at 10 1/2, and arrived at Windermere, joining Uncle Stephen at Kendal, at 4 1/2. A gt event for me to see the Lakes ! And my 1st glimpse, I must say, was most beautiful. There was a regular angry lurid sunset over the Old Man, breaking through the heavy clouds, and sending a yellow gleam of light along the neighbouring ridges, as we came puffing up to Windermere. We trapesed a little abt the village, Papa being frantic to get a ferrol on his new stick ; and the stormy weather, though it makes us shake in our shoes, made grand effects in the sky ; and I am in hopes of every sort of light and shade. Meanwhile, a clatter-patter of hail comes dash agst the windows of what Uncle St. calls "Mum Rigg's parlour" from time to time. We had a splendid dinner, and, barring a soupcon of exceedingly bad tobacco in the passages, all is luxury.

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