Friday, January 18, 2008

23Nov1862, The church is something dreadful

CHATSWORTH, 23rd Sunday after Trinity, November 23rd, 1862.
—Fine bright day. The church (to which we went in the morng) is something too dreadful : behind the altar and sitting upon the E. window, which it entirely hides, is a hideous and purely heathen monument of two brothers (one a skeleton) supported on one side by Mars and a suit of armour, on the other by Minerva and a peer's robes ; the whole surmounted by a clumsy trumpeting angel (or Cupid ?) What words can describe the worse than Smithfield pens we were jammed into ? and in which the care necessary to avoid falling foul of everyone's eye, kicking everyone's hat, and sitting upon everyone's lap, was most oppressive. Oh dear ! how can people go Sunday after Sunday to such a place, and think they are worshipping God in the beauty of holiness ? Scott has, however, made a plan for a new church.

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