Friday, January 18, 2008

23Dec1862, Papa's lecture on poetry

HAGLEY, Tuesday, December 23rd, 1862.
—And, in the evening, came off a memorable delight : Papa's lecture on poetry, with selections from Milton, Byron, Shelley, Pope, Wordsworth, Cowper, Rogers, Longfellow, Burns, Hemans, Hood, Crabbe, and others. I can't go into raptures somehow on paper about it ; but it was to me enjoyment only next to listening to mighty music, and I am in a realm of beauty and harmony which has, Oh me ! too much of heaven in it to abide long with me in this work-a-day world. Charles' raving of it to me afterwards, showing all his deep and high appreciation, was not the least of the delight. Mr. Claughton, Mr. and Mrs. Turner, Mr. Stayner, and the Miss Rogerses dine, the latter much gratified and touched by the beautiful bit of "Human Life" which Papa read from their uncle's poetry. Win greatly delighted in spite of her prosaic nature. Alas for M. and John ! Mem. very especially " My Mary."

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