Friday, January 18, 2008

18Dec1862, One of the very best balls I ever was at

HAWARDEN, Thursday, December 18th, 1862.
—With anything but alacrity, Albert and I, minus the dear young couple, came to Hawarden, where we find Ly. Louisa and Ld. Frederic Cavendish, Lascelles and Wilbrahams, Mr. F. Wortley, Hugh and Arthur Gladstone, Ly. L. Cotes, and some others. Stephy, and Willy, who, poor fellow, has only taken a 3rd in Law and Modern History ; but hardly expected to do better, as he had to begin late. I must say, if anything cd comfort me for leaving home just now, it wd be one of the very best and most lively balls I ever was at. We began at 9½, and ended about 2½. My partners Ld. F. Cavendish, Mr. Astley, oh I cannot remember them, but I danced everything. Two glorious country dances, and a reel ! Not that I danced that, except a hop or two to relieve Atie. P.

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