Friday, January 18, 2008

07Nov1862, Riot in Blackburn

HAWARDEN, Friday, November 7th, 1862.
—Alas ! a riot broke out yesterday in Blackburn—the 1st there has been, but not against the Guardians or mill-owners, but about some sentencing of poachers. But one fears the example may spread. There seems miserable close-fisting on the part of the Board, which in one case allowed only 4s. to a man and wife and 4 children, who had besides only 6 lbs. of bread and 6 lbs. of meal from the relief committee, and it was reduced to 3s. because he got one week's work. The poor wife fainted 2ce in one morng from hunger. And there are many like cases. It is in the papers, but is hardly credible that the Bishop of Gloucester (the youngest on the Bench) is appointed Archbishop of York ! It is an injury to all the Bishops, but a positive insult to the Bishop of Oxford whose curate he was ! As to Church views and general excellence, however, Bp. Thomson is admirable.

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