Saturday, January 02, 2010

19Apr1869, Another Day at Windsor

WINDSOR, April 19th, 1869.
—At 4.30 I drove with the Queen and Princess Beatrice, and she took me again into the mausoleum, showing great pride and delight in it. The little Princess is very taking and intelligent, and rather pretty. We drove by Clewer and came back by the kitchen garden, where we had tea, the Queen making it and the little Princess jabbering away. My head is quite turned by the Queen sending me her 2 books ("Early Years" and "The Highlands"), with my name written by herself, "dear Lucy Cavendish." Dinner very pleasant, the Dean of Windsor [FN: Dean Wellesley] and the Ponsonbys coming ; the Dean talks straightforwardly and bluntly to the Queen, which she seems to like, and the conversation was animated. The Dean tries to get any notable preacher to preach before the Queen, and he said he had been much struck with a sermon of Mr. King's, the Cuddesdon Principal, and meant to get him. Talking of someone calling himself a Churchman because it might be supposed to answer better, "Humph," said the Dean, "it doesn't seem to answer particularly well nowadays!" The Queen saw the allusion at once, and laughed extremely. After dinner she and the Dean had a long confidential talk on the Irish Church. She told Cavendish, "Mr. Gladstone and I do not agree about the Irish Church, and he does not talk much to me about it." Nevertheless I know he has been pleased and struck with her conduct to him.

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