Saturday, January 02, 2010

18Apr1869, All the Wales Children

WINDSOR, April 18th, 1869.
—Mr. White, of the Savoy Chapel, preached beautifully in the private Chapel, S. George's ; they sang "I beheld, and lo." The Christians were there, and Princess Louise, but she was sub rosa in the Queen's gallery. We saw all the Wales children in the corridor ; the eldest is generally called "Prince Eddy," which gives one hopes of having a King Edward again some day. He is like the Princess and very pretty ; all have the most dazzling fair complexions. Prince George, however, is hardly pretty, but looks a wag ; Princess Louise a tiny edition of Princess Alice ; and the baby a placid white creature, with prominent bright blue eyes, exactly like the Queen. All are terribly tiny and miniature in scale. I dined with the Queen ; the d'Alençons came, and we were very stiff and dull.

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