Thursday, December 31, 2009

14Nov1868, A Stump Speech

HOLKER, November 14th, 1868.
—Enjoyed myself much, going with Cavendish (tête-à-tête killing ! F. to Preston) to Ulverston, for his last meeting before the nomination. He spoke better than ever, said everybody, and indeed it was an excellent speech, exhaustive, well-argued, straightforward, spirited, and only just short of eloquent in parts, his only fault on the stump seems to be rather over-much gravity ; but the Lancashire people don't dislike that. I got highly excited, and so did the meeting. The energetic Mr. Fell entertained us at luncheon ; his little girls of 3 and 4 were over the moon, expecting to see a coach with bright-red flunkies ; I fear they were sadly disappointed.

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