Thursday, December 31, 2009

11Aug1868, Back to Dear England

HOLKER, August 11th, 1868.
—Hot night, but rainy and overcast all day : a great comfort, as the burnt-up state of the country is really dreadful. Whole tracts of railway-embankments, heaths, moors, and even cornfields have been set on fire by sparks from engines or cigars, and people in many parts are in distress from want of water. We got prosperously to dear old Holker ; thank God. Find Lou, the Duke, Cavendish, and the D. of Buccleuch. All of course have the electionums ; there is great fear for Cavendish's seat ; Frank's is pretty secure ; we as yet have no opposition. Dear England, you are not bad to come back to, with your nears and dears, your excellent washing arrangements, and your Tea !

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