Saturday, January 02, 2010

16Apr1869, Back at Windsor

WINDSOR, April 16th, 1869.
—Here I am the very same days of the month as that last Windsor waiting of mine. The Queen and her outriders clattered into the court just as I flied up [FN: I.e., of course, drove up in a fly.]; and May soon turned up. I went to her room, and Florence Seymour's my successor, and was vividly reminded, not of Queens and castles and curtseys, but of my Fred and all I was then thinking about him! I dined with the Queen, who greeted me very kindly and affectionately, as did Princess Christian and Princess Louise. The company was the Christians, Ly. Gainsborough (in waiting), Lady Churchill, as engaging as ever, Ld. Normanby, and Gen. Seymour (not my friend). Col. Ponsonby, Sir J. Cowell, Gen. Grey, Ly. Bridport, and Lady Susan Melville were in the drawing-room ; and I played at whist just as of old. But, before leaving the Queen, she talked some time to me after dinner, and so did the Princesses. I thought the Queen very well and cheerful, and as full of gracious charm and simplicity as ever.

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