Saturday, January 02, 2010

17Apr1869, Getting the Queen Out of Isolation

WINDSOR, April 17th, 1869.
—Unluckily it is chilly and stormy. The Queen, etc., went off in open carriages to a review at Aldershot. At 4½ we went to S. George's, where we had the great good fortune of coming in for "Sleepers, awake." Afterwards we drove together to Frogmore, and I had a long sit, first with Princess Helena, then with both her and her husband. She sent for her two children : the little 2-year-old a very pretty, attractive dot, the baby magnificent, but plain. It's nice to see such complete Darby and Joan happiness ; the Princess told me all about her long ill-health before the baby's birth, and her husband's devotion and care of her ; and indeed he looks a thorough bonhomme. I screwed up my courage, and when the Princess began upon the subject, I talked about the great desirability of the Queen's being near London during as much as may be of the session ; the journey to Scotland in May might well be conceded, if she would but give up Osborne at this time. Princess Helena said she believed it was a thing the Prime Minister could speak to the Queen about, but that he had far better put it plainly upon her duty as head of affairs, and, above all, not use the "People say" argument, which, she said, "exasperates Mamma." I dined again with the Queen. Who should be there but Cavendish ! It was great fun meeting him for the 1st time on his good behaviour. He enlivened the dinner a good deal. Whist.

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