Saturday, January 02, 2010

01Mar1869, The Great Irish Church Bill

LONDON, March 1st, 1869.—Workhouse. It is very wrong and shocking, how they allow poor people to die in the midst of a crowded ward, without even a curtain to draw round the bed. There was one woman dying to-day, but I think "earth was passed, and earthly pain," and that she was as much shut out from all around her as in the most carefully-guarded sick-room.
    This moment, there so low,
    So agonized, and now
       Beyond the stars !
I drove after luncheon, and called on Ly. Trevelyan ; then to the House, where Uncle William brought in the great Irish Church Bill, in a grand, elaborate, beautifully arranged and digested, speech of 3 hours which appeared to leave out no detail ; and ending with one of his best and most heartfelt appeals, spoken with a voice wonderfully ringing and untired though full of emotion.

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