Thursday, December 31, 2009

06Dec1868, Offer Far From Suitable

CHATSWORTH, December 6th, 1868.
Cavendish got a private letter from Uncle W. offering him the Lord-Lieutenancy of Ireland, regretting that his being out of Parliament prevents his entering the Cabinet. The letter kind and cordial, but it is a considerable blow, as Cavendish's successful and steady work at the War Office in '66, and the Duke's 4 great contests just now, seemed to give him a claim. But there are many men of longer standing and higher claims, and this offer is of course a great compliment failing the Cabinet ; only it is far from suitable for a young bachelor ! The thing was kept as nearly secret as was compatible with Freddy, Eddy, Lord George, and Lou being married people ! Cavendish went up to London by the night train, intending to decline unless much pressed.

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