Thursday, January 29, 2009

31Aug1864, The Poor People Were Charming

BOLTON, Wednesday, August 31st, 1864.
—No going to luncheon again, but another thorough duty-doing in the way of visits : Fairfield and Beamsley Hall were the gentry, and both have had the treat of receiving Fred's and my elegant cards which delight my heart. Freddy shot well to-day : 17½ br. The poor people we saw were charming : I bought some lemon drops and barley sugar in one cottage, and we were regaled with oatcake and milk, so that a good deal of the time was spent in eating. I announced that I cd not bake oatcake. "Ay, ye're nobbut a young wife." All the neighbourhood seems to have heard of Fred's wonderful bag the 1st dogging day : 35½ brace. They say his marriage has done him good ! One old woman bade Lou and me tell "Markis he mun dance in a peck," as his younger brother has married first ! Mr. Lionel Ashley came, and made my hair stand on end at dinner by announcing that he had just heard for the 1st time of Keble and the "Xtian Year" ! ! !

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