Friday, January 30, 2009

13Sep1864, Jarring Civilities in a Church

HOLKER, September 13th, 1864.
—Soon after 12 went to Ulverston with the Duke and Lou, for the laying of the 1st stone (which he did) of an aisle to be tacked on to a most mean and scrubby church. The service was painfully intermingled with civilities and a rush after the trowel and mallet ; it was jarring, to say the least of it, to have prayers, civilities, sermon, blessing "God save the Queen," a speech from the incumbent, vociferous cheers and laughter from the crowd, in the church, and a speech returning thanks dragged out of the Duke by the said cheers, all one on the top of the other. Then came luncheon, where I liked my neighbour, Archdeacon Evans. And so home again before 4. Went into the village with Lou, and liked the people we saw. Then arrived the Edward Howards, and I was scandalized by these undutiful nephews calling their uncle Peter ! Lively whist.

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