Monday, January 26, 2009

04Aug1864, Fred Doing the Agreeable

HAGLEY, Thursday, August 4th, 1864.
—Dinner party of Rogerses, Walriges, Mr. Stayner, Mr. Gambier Parry : too mad Papa hooking me in to dinner, Albert presiding at the head of the table, Granny making the "moving bow" to me, and Fred doing the agreeable to Mrs. Walrige ! I put on my dear Queen's necklace and Cavendish's [FN: She underlines this : presumably because it is the first time she calls her formidable brother-in-law, Lord Hartington, by his family name. He began life as Lord Cavendish] beautiful bracelet ; and a lovely trousseau gown ; but I felt I looked just like Lucy Lyttelton, nevertheless.

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