Thursday, January 29, 2009

09Aug1864, A Day Without Fred

HOLKER, Tuesday, August 9th, 1864.
—The 1st day I have spent without Fred, who went off at 9 with the Duke on Furness railway business, and was not back till nearly 8. I did miss him very much ! but it was almost worth the break of seeing him come back. And I made great strides in sisterly intimacy with dear Lou who took me before luncheon round the park, and afterwards driving to Old Park, Holker Bank and Beale, and on the sands. I have blundered the names, I fear. Also she took me to a consumptive son of Mrs. Abbotson. She took me about the house, and I made acquaintance with Fred's old room, her sitting-room, the Duke's, etc., and looked at the pictures of them all done when they were children ; the little boy who died must have been a darling. I tidied some of my possessions, which talk to me of Hagley ; filling my writing-box. At tea in Lou's snug room at 6, began first to shake off some of my strangeness : she is very nice. Was horror-struck at being late for dinner !

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