Monday, January 26, 2009

08Aug1864, Home to Fred's Home

HOLKER, Monday, August 8th, 1864.—Another of the great days of which I seem lately to have had so many : my 1st arrival at Fred's own old home, Holker. There was some heart-pinch in leaving old Hagley thus, in the middle of the summer holy-days, and driving away, all the dear faces watching us off from the perron, and Newmany from the nursery window. But I could not be sad ! and the words that ran in my head when I stood in the new home explain why : "Thy people shall be my people." My home is where my Fred is. We arrived at Cark about 5 ; and near where a new school is being built, a knot of men took the horses out and drew us fast up to the house, cheering. I could enjoy this, as it was for F. and not for me ; I cd see it went very much to his heart. He made me stand up with him in the carriage when we stopped at the house door, and holding my hand, said, "My friends, I thank you for yr hearty welcome of my wife home to Holker." How they cheered ! The Duke and Lou met us in the hall, and the Duke kissed me. We had tea in the conservatory, and afterwards walked up Bigland Scar whence the view delighted me beyond anything I expected. We sat there, and I drunk it in, wondering when all wd be familiar to me ! The evening made me a little shy and bewildered.

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