Thursday, January 29, 2009

28Aug1864, A Book by Newman

BOLTON, 14th Sunday after Trinity, August 28th, 1864.
—Church only in the morning, as we lost our way and so prolonged the aftn. walk. Mr. Robinson preached excellently on the 10 lepers. We walked on to Hazlewood and Bolton Park. F. and I had a dear little sit after the walk, talking, and reading the evening 2nd Lesson and Psalms, and a little "Christian Year." Before luncheon I read him Tennyson's new poem, "Enoch Arden," which we both liked extremely : I think I shd put it next to "Guinevere." Letter to Atie. Pussy. I have just read a book which Newman has written in answer to a very feeble and spiteful attack on him by Kingsley. The title is "Apologia pro vita suâ," and it is an account of his religious opinions and what led him to Rome. I was often beyond my depth ; but I think I see something of the principle which influenced him, viz. that Unity is more to be valued than pure doctrine ; and he got into a dilemma between Rome on the one hand and scepticism on the other. He is as little controversial as is possible and defends none of the great errors, except indirectly. It is written very fairly and modestly ; and in his beautiful clear style.

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