Friday, January 30, 2009

04Oct1864, Ducal Circumstances

HARDWICK, October 4th, 1864.
Fred and I came here alone, under the ducal circumstances of a special train, twenty-two servants, 6 horse-boxes, and two carriages. I recollected the wonderful old house and its approach very well, having been taken to see it with Papa last memorable winter from Chatsworth : little thinking ! How much more than a year ago it seems ! A fine golden sunset showed the place to great advantage, and it looked most imposing on the top of its hill, with the grand old oak trees scattered about. Our evening tête-à-tête was a happy revival of honeymoon ! the 22 servants, horses, dogs, and carriages having vanished utterly from sight. F. began spouting Mill "On Liberty" I began "The Vicar of Wakefield" ; (left it off).off).

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