Monday, January 26, 2009

30Jul1864, Return to Hagley

HAGLEY, Saturday, July 30th, 1864.
—Bewildering, bustling morning, combining packums, shoppums, letterums, and interviews with my 2 new brothers, and with the Mesdames Talbot, who turned up unbeknown as I was sitting exhausted in my petticoat waiting to be robed in smart array for going home. For so you still are, and so in one sense you ever will be, through whatever changed eyes I see you, dear, dear old Hagley ! We arrived about 7, and were greeted by a village reception, as M. was. Cheers, flags, and triumphal arches and an address read by Stephens. It all went deep into me—all the familiar sights and faces overpowering me too—and when we got out upon the old perron, I was trembling all over. Then my Fred made a little speech, thanking them so well and heartily. I held his hand all the while.

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