Friday, January 23, 2009

30Jun1864, A Day in the Mountains

RIGI, Thursday, June 30th, 1864.
—We got up soon after 3, and went to the highest point to see the sunrise. The morning was somewhat misty and the sun had to surmount a bank or two of cloud, so that this was not the greatest thing we saw to-day ; still it was very lovely to see the giant peaks brightening one after the other, and those in the W. catching the faint pink reflection. All had a look to me of standing around, waiting for the light. We nearly died of the cold. Had breakfast, and set off walking down the mountain about 6 ; and this soon warmed one. And now we were steeped in glorious sights. The day grew clear and serene, and only white fleecy clouds floated among the snowy mountain-tops. The climax was a certain view we had when a little way down we sat on the grass for a good while. We drank it in at our leisure ; and it went deeper into my heart than anything has yet done. Such a communing with God's glorious works is a mysterious sort of worship, or something very akin to it ; for "He in His strength setteth fast the mountains, and is girded about with power." All the descent was beautiful, but this was the crown, for the day went off, and the deep, soft blue of the atmosphere became grey ; and the Jung Frau and her neighbours vanished, and Pilatus put on his invariable cap of clouds. But I have seen enough ! and moreover am a little tired.

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