Sunday, January 18, 2009

05Jun1864, Gifts from Papa

LONDON, 2nd Sunday after Trinity, June 5th, 1864.
—Beautiful warm day, and 0 such a refreshing and peaceful one ! In the Holy Communion I tried to lay down all this past life of mine at the foot of the Cross, and I trust that all the sins and neglects are forgiven, and that the never-failing blessing will be outpoured upon the future. And this hushed and calmd all my anxieties. It was at the Temple, whither I walked with At. C., joining Papa and Lavinia, and coming back with Papa, which was very nice. I had told Fred not to come : I wanted to be with Papa : but his not being with me did not signify, for he received the Holy Communion ; and that draws us together in the most blessed way. Papa and I found him in St. St., and we went with him to luncheon at Dev. House. Afterwards such a nice talk ; he told me much of the sermon of Maurice's he had heard. Papa brought me his cross, with these words engraved inside. On the transverse, my new name, which I can't yet write ; then : "From her loving Father, June 7th, 1864. In Memory and in Hope." And he gave Fred a Communion book, in which he wrote the last verse of the "Christian Year" on Marriage.

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