Friday, January 23, 2009

23Jun1864, Ice in June - A Princely Idea

BRUSSELS, Thursday, June 23rd, 1864.
—We breakfasted at 7, and set off directly afterwards ; I first going to Lou in bed to say good-bye. We shall be lucky if we are not posting back again for the election in a fortnight or less ! We crossed to Calais, the sea rather rough, and the boat rolling a good deal : I was perfectly well, but poor old Fred, after sitting meek and silent beside me, getting whiter and whiter, succumbed once about of an hour before the boat came in. The landing, the railway, the people, and all the look of things carried me back wonderfully to our delightful Paris trip in 1860 : little I thought then of all this state of things ! We had a charming luncheon at Calais. Got here about 7 : all new to both Fred and me. We have an affable courier called Holffman, who ordered us a sublime fly and pair at the station, and for dinner we two had soup, fish, beef, cutlets, chicken, salad, ice ! ! ! ! Steps must be taken to cut down these princely ideas.

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