Friday, January 23, 2009

29Jun1864, To Earth With a Bump

RIGI, Wednesday, June 29th, 1864. S. Peter.
—I can't say much about it ; but it is true, I do believe, as F. said to me, when I said I dreaded my usual fate of being to some degree disappointed, that the great glories of nature cannot disappoint one. They seem to come too near Heaven. And so I found it as I looked from the top of the Rigi. The hotel quite at the top with its swarms of cockneys, table d'hôte, and scrubby allowance of washing apparatus, brought one to earth with a bump. We came upstairs after the table d'hôte, and laughed till we ached at some charming snobs who sat opposite to us at dinner. So cold, we sat in cloaks.

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