Thursday, January 22, 2009

21Jun1864, And So Ends Our Honeymoon

BOLTON, Tuesday, June 21st, 1864.

—And so ends our honeymoon.

It is a bewildering, but by no means unhappy thought, that we shall probably be here again for the grouse shooting in 7 or 8 weeks ! We arrived at Devn. House soon after 6. To dinner came Grauntcoque and then J. G. T.'s,[FN: I.e. the J. G. Talbots, her sister and brother-in-law.] then afterwards Atie. P. and Agnes. Which was very nice. The Duke, sons and daughters, and Ld. Richard also dined. When all my own people had gone, and I found myself left in this big house with Cavendishes, I underwent my first actual feeling of home-sickness. A very gentle one, and soon absorbed in the new, deep feeling which is growing downward, downward into my heart. Found certain tardy presents. We have fine big rooms looking over the park.

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