Thursday, January 22, 2009

18Jun1864, Off in an Open Fly and Pair

BOLTON, Saturday, June 18th, 1864.
— A very delightful, long, happy day. We set off in an open fly and pair soon after 10½, and drove up the valley past Borden and Grass Wood, to Elmsey Crag, and then to Gordale. This was new to Fred as well as to me, and how we enjoyed the glorious things together ! Lovely glorifying weather. From Gordale we walked to Malham, where we had a charming luncheon at the, little inn, and then walked to Malham Cove. The long drive home very nice : we have done abt 36 miles. It is wonderful how the returning each time into this dear peaceful valley brings to me already a happy homelike feeling. Yet I have only been here one week. I think it can only be because I am beginning to find that wherever I am with Fred, there home comes to me. Such a thought of bright repose it is.

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