Friday, January 23, 2009

05Jul1864, No More Maidlessness

THUN, Tuesday, July 5th, 1864.
. . . Then by fly and steamboat through Interlaken to Thun, where it was a little refreshing after 4 days' maidlessness, makeshifts, and packing for oneself, to find Holffmann and Morgan ; also a magnificent suite of rooms, and a landlord in an ecstasy of bows, who introduced me to the pretty verandah, saying it was at the disposal of my Excellency ! ! ! Last not least, delightful letters from Atie. P., Lou, Lavinia, At. Emy, M., and one from Mrs. Bruce, inviting F. and me to luncheon at Windsor "de part la Reine," on Saturday, June 26 !

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