Friday, January 19, 2007

26Jun1862, A Full Day

LONDON, Thursday, June 26th, 1862.
—A full day; 1st a delightful clever bkfast, whereat were Bp. of Oxford, Archie Sinclair, Papa, Mr. Palgrave, and others: poetry came uppermost, which enchanted me: Mr. Palgrave has just brought out a beautiful collection of English lyrics, called "The Golden Treasury." Then my 60 p. of Alison. Then we went to the ceremonies at the opening of the new House (Greek St., Soho) of Charity — or rather the removed old one, including the laying of the 1st stone of the Chapel, which Atie. P. did very successfully. Chanting processions, etc. After it, resolutions were proposed by Uncle W., Mr. B. Hope, Bp. of Honolulu, Papa, etc. Uncle W. spoke very well, dear Papa beautifully; he was almost overcome when describing the poor people, who have known better days, and who come to the House when at the last extreme of distress, and are saved thereby from perhaps loss of life, or of mind, or of virtue. Then we came home to a concert for which the drawing-rooms were lent. After which the house stood on its head getting tidy. Then a pompous little dinner, for the entertainment of the Viceroy of Egypt; D. and Dss. of Argyll, Lord Brougham, Lord Sydney, Lord and Ly. De Tabley, Sir John Lawrence, Col. Murray, and Mr. Cobden. Finally, Ld. Dudley's lovely and successful ball; I didn't miss one dance! Partners: Sir C. Russell, Mr. Lyme Something, Ld. Dufferin, Ld. S. Kerr — many Worcestershire folk. Happy to-morrow ! [FN: On which day she went to "Israel in Egypt " at the Crystal Palace.] Letter from Miss W.

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